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About Us

It is always an incredible experience sharing with couples in one of the greatest days of their lives. Much like our films themselves, the privilege of creating a timeless, cinematic showcase that allows brides and grooms to re-live every detail of their amazing day is a gift that will last a lifetime.


At Soul Narrative Studios we put our whole heart into every single film we create. Our combination of devotion, skill, and premium production equipment helps to tell your story in a way that no one else can.


Our consistent ability to produce stunning visual narratives has always been our hallmark. Capturing your day how it ought to be remembered is our deepest passion. As you give yourselves to each other, we will give all we have to you.

The Process


Story Development

Telling the story of your wedding

is a deeply personal experience

for the both of us. To ensure that

we get your event exactly right we

like to begin the process with an

initial interview. During this time,

we will get more acquainted with

each other and learn more about

what you have planned for your

special day. By the time we are

filming we want you to feel like

you are in the company of


Every wedding is quite unique.

As a result, we carefully plan

every intricate detail of how we

will approach your wedding well

in advance. Everything from the

overall style of your film down to

the audio and lighting will be

customized to meet the specific

needs of your event. Every part

of your film will be prepared with

intent and purpose.